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[Semicon China 2007] 3.21~23
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명  칭 : 상해 반도체전 SEMICON
기  간 : 2007년 03월 21일 수요일 - 2007년 03월 23일 금요일
장  소 : Shanghai New International Expo Centre 
품  목 : Process Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Matrial, Packaging, Flat panel Disply 등 반도체 관련품목 일체

규  모
▶반도체 - 860여업체 참가, 2만여명 참관
▶전자전 - 300여업체 참가, 2만여명 참관
▶전시관별 품목 소개
Final Manufacturing: Halls W1 and W2
Services and Consulting: Hall W2
Sub-Systems, Components and Parts: Hall W2
Wafer Processing: Halls W3 and W4

SEMICON China is the premier semiconductor industry tradeshow in China. It is the longest established tradeshow in China dedicated to semiconductor manufacturing. In the last five years the number of visitors has grown over 600 percent, from 4,000 to over 25,500 attendees and the number of exhibitors has increased as well?from 208 companies in March 2000 to over 1,100 companies exhibiting in 2006.

A Comprehensive Tradeshow
SEMICON China is more than exhibits; it is a major industry tradeshow that provides multiple venues and opportunities for exhibitors to exchange information and network with customers and key decision-makers. The technical and business programs cover a broad range of topics from manufacturing to forecasting, and serve as a platform for visitors to discuss and interact with industry experts.

China will still be a key area for growth in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry over the next few years. Plan now to participate in SEMICON China 2007.

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